Making time to workout…

Good evening, friends!

Tonight I want to talk about what seemed to be the hardest thing for me in the beginning of this lifestyle journey: making time to workout. I’ll be the first to admit that I had every excuse in the book. I was tired, hungry, sore, late to work, late from work, etc. – YOU NAME IT. If it was an excuse, I used it to get out of my workout. Don’t get me wrong here. The workouts have always made me feel so great afterward… It was just convincing my brain that I would feel great afterward.

I make the time now, every single day. I have no excuses. (I’m also trying to do that with writing. I’m typing this as a peel off a face mask. No excuses!) I just wanted to give a quick example of a day this past week that I had every reason to skip my workout, and I didn’t.

Pro tip: Have an other half that will do anything for you. 🙂

It was last Monday. For starters, Monday’s are the worst no matter what. Am I right? (I’m actually very slowly changing my mindset about Monday’s. New beginnings, right?) Anyway, it was a Monday. I had started a new routine on this particular Monday. Get up 10 minutes earlier, start coffee, shower, get ready, be to work at least 5 minutes early. (I have a tendency to show up 1-2 minutes late.) I had actually conquered this new goal on MONDAY – the one day I thought for sure I’d say “I’ll just start tomorrow.”

So, I had conquered my Monday morning. I had not gotten up early enough to workout that morning, however; that wasn’t part of the new routine. About halfway through the day, said other half sends me a text message asking if I want to see a movie with him and his parents that night at 7:00 pm. It was a movie I wanted to see, and who says no to a movie invite?! I said yes and immediately started thinking “I’m going to be doing my workout at 10:00 o’clock tonight!” Fear not – the story gets better. 🙂

I always talk to Brian (other half) about my workouts. He’s well aware of how obsessed I am. I started telling him “Okay, I’m going to book it home after work. I’ll get home around 5:00, I’ll do my workout immediately, then I’ll take a quick shower so I’m not totally disgusting for movie night.” You know what he says to me? “Well, why don’t I make dinner while you’re working out?” HE’S A SAINT. He loves to cook, and I can’t cook at all. We really balance each other out. 🙂

Some days, you sacrifice other things in order to get your stuff done! THAT’S LIFE.

The reason I really wanted to tell this story today, is because there are a couple of major things I’ve learned when I started making the time to work out. You sometimes have to go places unshowered, and you sometimes have to go places in your workout clothes. These are two things I hate doing. I want to be freshly showered and dressed (hair, make up, etc) when I go anywhere. It’s something I have come to terms with, but, honestly, I feel better about a lot of things when I make the time to put in the work.

Some night, I’ll do a post about the “things” I feel better about after a workout. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great start to their week tomorrow! Have a productive Sunday evening!

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